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Best Healthiest Way to Start and Maintain a Yoga Habit

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Many of us want to keep the consistency of our yoga habit but need to know how to do it exactly. Especially for yoga beginners, it’s not always easy to stay motivated till the end of this yogic journey. Therefore, before you plan to practice yoga regularly, ensure you understand how to do it dedicatedly and not ditch this healthy idea of yours. For this, keep reading at Healthy Genre to make yoga your everyday routine. But before that, ensure you precisely understand the following:

What is Yoga

Yoga is about practicing postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to keep your body and mind healthy. Practicing routine yoga helps manage pain, stress, and other health issues. This ancient practice requires consistently performing various yoga styles to build strength and flexibility.

What Essential Tips Must You Follow to Build a Regular Yoga Habit

The mantra of including yoga in your daily routine is consistent practice. It’s evident that to indulge a particular habit, every single person needs some time and continuous training. Hence, to build a fruitful yoga habit, motivate yourself to stay committed to your yoga session. So, here are some tips for making yoga your energy booster that you’ll never skip.

1. Start From the Low

To achieve something big, it’s necessary to start from small. Similarly, to set a routine for yoga, begin with 5 to 10 minutes of practice. Hence, start with a small yoga session daily to not trip your yoga habit. Remember, if you perfectly perform any Aasna or breath-holding practices for 5 to 10 minutes daily, it’s enough for a healthy day.

2. Join a Yoga Class or Any Group of Yoga Practitioners

This one is best to keep the pace of daily yoga practice. With a group of people, you’ll get motivated and learn a lot from their life-changing experiences after joining the yoga classes. Online yoga classes are popular nowadays, and you can quickly join any professional instructor. With the help of any professional, you get a clear vision of history and its different styles. Additionally, they will guide you at every step for the best health benefits out of it.

3. Know Your Numbers

Like many pieces of information, it takes around 21 days to build a habit of doing something new. Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote that an average person takes 21 days to get used to his new face after plastic surgery. Similarly, it happens to form a new habit.  However, several other studies give different numbers to make a habit stick. So, simply know your numbers by doing yoga regularly. For sure, one day, it will be your everyday ritual to start a day.

4. Track Your Progress

Set some parameters to track your progress after every fixed period. It motivates you to continue your yoga. Besides this, list the health benefits you are experiencing, such as being more active than before, relief from any pain or stress, a glow on the face, a better immune system, and more.

5. A Fixed or Dedicated Spot

Try to set up your personal yoga space in your home. Take a yoga mat and play soothing or morning music while practicing it. So, dedicate your area to where you get the vibes of practicing yoga without any excuse.

6. Follow Yogic Lifestyle

One of the much-needed things for a yoga practitioner is to know about the yogic lifestyle and follow it seriously. It’s not only that you practice a few yoga positions and your goal is fulfilled. As a determined and focused yoga practitioner, you must learn about its evolution, transitions, and future. Also, remember to follow healthy eating habits and other lifestyle changes strictly required to build a concentrated yogic life.

7. Reward Yourself

Do not forget to reward yourself for completing your practice in several days. In the initial days, if you set a goal of performing asanas for at least 25 days, you accomplish it. Then, a reward is a must. It reinforces pleasure and positivity, releasing dopamine (a pleasure-inducing hormone), which motivates you to keep the consistency of your yoga practice. As a reward, you can give yourself a treat, buy a yoga fit, a new mat, or anything you want.


In this hustle and bustle, to feel relaxed, yoga is the ultimate solution. However, you can stay committed to your yoga habit and get fruitful results with serious practice. As we know, yoga is not only about different asanas; it’s beyond that. Thus, to stay resilient in your hectic schedule, you can use the tips mentioned above and experience the process of a healthy body and mind.


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