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Do You Know Causes Of Headaches Everyday

Headaches create havoc in your routine. They can be a bad pain, both figuratively as well as in the literal sense. But, there’s something worse to this. What if the occasionally occurring headaches become constant.

You’re Up For a Roller Coaster Ride, Aren’t You

You might be surprised to know that there are different reasons that cause constant headaches. While some of these reasons might not be serious but others might have a deep and long-lasting effect. Firstly, let’s understand the different causes of headaches.

What are The Causes of Headaches

There is no single root cause of having a headache. The symptoms of a headache may vary from one person to the other. As per the experts also, when a headache hits the body, there is some functioning in the skull. Something results in the swelling of the blood vessels. And when the vessels swell, the nerves surrounding them are stretched. This kicks off the pain signals in the body. But, what is the trigger point, still remains unknown.

Broadly, Headache is Divided into 3 Types


Migraine refers to the sensation of attack in the head. This may last up to 4 to 72 hours. The most common ways to recognize these are pains, strong sensitivity to touching, smelling, might as well as sound. Some people also have the feeling of vomiting and nausea. There is a post-drome symptom attached to it also. At the end of the day, the person having migraines tends to feel tired, lousy, and confused.


Some people conclude that tension causes headaches. But, actually, tension is a type of headache. This can be identified as tightness in the muscles of different body parts. Head, neck, and scalp are the major parts where the tension headache occurs.

  • Dehydration 
  • The undiagnosed problem of diabetes 
  • Any kind of autoimmune diseas


Cluster headache is probably a more serious one. You may feel constant unbearable pain on one side of the head. Or maybe, you tend to have a watery eye and has redness. If you have an attack of cluster headache, the recovery might take some weeks or months. Also, the person undergoes an agitated feeling. They occur in specific periods or cycles. The cycle can be short, that is for a period of 5 minutes. However, a long cycle can stretch up to a duration of 3 hours.

It is important for you to notice the pattern of your headache. There might be several reasons because of which there are constant headaches.

Some of The Symptoms of Headaches Are


If you are having unresolved stress, the gift of it will be a constant headache. The tensed neck and scalp muscles result in a tensed headache. This is basically, the response of your body to tension and stress. Precisely, you should not carry the stress of things for a major period of time.To cure this, you can opt for self-care techniques as well as tips for stress management. These are helpful in many spheres of life, anyhow. 


Water is a must for survival. But, if you keep yourself dehydrated, you may term this as one of the causes of headache. It is said that ‘with any kind of headache, a person needs to look at their health habits’. This stands extremely true here. A less intake of water leads to a drop in the volume of blood. Further, this results in an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain. The end result of all this is a severe headache.


Anemia is a condition in the body where there is less number of RBCs. The red blood cells fail to properly circulate the oxygen to the body tissues, and this is called anemia. Anemia leads to many-body problems like headache, fatigue, feeling of tiredness and weakness, short breaths, and many others. It is important to have a proper intake of iron-rich foods to avoid problems like anemia and thus headache.


Menstruation is one of the most common causes of headaches in women. There is a drop of estrogen levels in the body before menstruation. This causes PMSing as well as headaches. Migration also triggers the problem of migraine in many women. Pregnancy, postpartum periods as well as pre-menopause are other causes due to which constant headache occurs in the body. Changes of hormones in the body also cause headache. And obviously, changes of hormones in the body are not gender-biased. 

Too Much Caffeine Intake 

A high intake of caffeine leads to vasoconstriction in the body’s blood vessels. This means that the blood vessels tend to thin or get narrow. A steady and high intake of caffeine helps the body to develop a habit of this intake. And, if you tend to skip it, you experience headaches. This is a cycle that continues and you’ll only get relief once you mug up caffeine in any form. Also, your urge to have the intake of caffeine will grow with time. But, this isn’t a good sign. It is good to have caffeine but in limited quantities and not regularly.

Home Remedies For Headaches

Above we have mentioned the causes and reasons for headaches. It can be due to many reasons. We can cure headaches with some kind of tablets but for how long. How long you will keep taking pills to cure your headache problem. We all know that the regular intake of medicine is not good for our health. So what to do to get relief from head pain and headaches. Here are some of the popular home remedies for headaches. Check it out.

The use of Tulsi is great for getting relief from headaches. You must have seen people consuming tea when they suffer from headaches. Instead of normal tea if you boil tulsi leaves and drink its water, it can give you relief. Not only in headaches but tulsi is beneficial in many other health problems.Clove can also be beneficial for people having headaches. Take some cloves from your kitchen and heat them on the pan. Tie these hot cloves buds in a handkerchief. Keep smelling this bundle for a while. This can help to cure headaches.

Do you know that water can also help in getting relief from headaches? Yes, it is right, water can help in getting relief from this pain. Now you are wondering how this is possible. Water keeps our body hydrated. If you drink more water, it will slowly reduce the pain in the head. These are not only the popular home remedies for getting relief from headaches, but there are several others. We will definitely explain all those popular remedies in our next article.

In all, headache is something which no one wants. In order to avoid this is to keep yourself and your environment healthy and happy. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest and information health tips.

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